Martian Dawn & Other Novels

Martian Dawn & Other Novels was released by Little A on May 26, 2015 with an intro. by Molly Young



photo by John Sarsgard

Martian Dawn & Other Novels is an omnibus volume that includes a reissue of Martian Dawn and two new novels, Are We Done Here? and On My Way to See You.

“Friedman’s urbane silliness and elan hark back to the glittering twilight of high camp – without seeming to hark back. Hats off to Little A for reissuing Martian Dawn and Other Novels. I didn’t know anyone could still make it look so easy to have so much fun on the page.”
– Lorin Stein, The Paris Review

“Michael Friedman’s metrosexuals are direct descendants of characters in Ronald Firbank and Ivy Compton-Burnett.  Their wisecracking rises consistently to the level of poetry.”
—John Ashbery

“Michael Friedman has one of the best sensibilities in contemporary lit. Martian Dawn possesses the impeccable construction, low gravity and shimmering surface of something written with a magic wand.”
—Dennis Cooper.

“Reading Martian Dawn is like watching an ultra-cool comedy of the future where familiar movie types develop into idyllic interplanetary characters in order to make yet more movies. It’s as though Star Trek, Pretty Woman and There’s Something About Mary had been sublimated in an unlikely fusion that is both comforting and hilarious.”
—Harry Mathews.

“Like soft-porn ‘Pop’ holographs crossed with Simenon, Socrates, and reality TV produced by a punk Ivy Compton-Burnett, Michael Friedman’s novels are analytical, fun to read, and profoundly nourishing. He takes fiction seriously by not taking it seriously. Post-fiction, post-poetry, Friedman’s buff concoctions offer bliss for hyper-aesthetic grownups: low-stress foreplay, high-brow tickling, and Zen giggles.”
—Wayne Koestenbaum

“In pitch perfect vernacular that’s gauzy and precise, shallow and ambitious, and smugly hilarious Michael Friedman slaps our attention around like nobody’s business while delivering the impossible: totally intelligent writer’s fiction that’s also a porny distraction for anyone who’d might want to graze martian-dawnlike a silver drone or a celebrity whale (there truly is one in here named ‘Monstro’) in the smarmy circles of entertainment culture, glam spirituality, eco culture and everyday dharma of the streets, restaurants, bedrooms and biospheres and of the hip haute global media bourgeoisie. It’s almost hard to read alone it’s so gorgeously nasty.”
—Eileen Myles

“On every page there is something funny, sad, weird, or some combination thereof, conjured by Friedman’s deadpan tone, pile-up of cliche and detail, and the placement of quotidian characters into absurd situations (or vice versa).”
The L Magazine

“Prose that’s a marvel of economy . . . and rife with deadpan humor. Slight but sly, this is a scrumptious literary trifle.”
Publishers Weekly

“Michael Friedman’s Martian Dawn is a cool, sly sestina of a novel, working from such end words as module, biosphere, Rinpoche, blow job, solipsism and Monstro to create a world so genial you’ll almost forget you don’t live there . . . A mild masterpiece . . . Martian Dawn is not only one of the funniest novels to come out of American poetry, it’s one of the most entertaining books you’ll read this year.”
—Jordan Davis, The Constant Critic